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Call 01206 638711 
This course is available onsite at your location at the following prices: 
£699 per person (over 2 days) 
£3495 for up to 6 people (over 2 days) 
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Moving and handling people in a health and social care setting has to be done right to minimise the risk of injury to the client and the handler. 
Many different settings have different levels of moving and handling and there is a wide range of different equipment available to use.  
So who better than to deliver moving and handling training to staff than an in-house trainer who intimately knows the clients, the organisation and the equipment. 
This course is designed to train an existing member of staff how to pass on their wealth of knowledge and experience to their peers. 
In-house trainers make an excellent alternative to external providers for many reasons and this course will help your in-house trainer set a course for training success. 
We look forward to welcoming you onto one of our courses in the near future. 
A 2 day moving and handling train the trainer course. 
This 2-day moving and handling training course covers the following topics: 
An explanation and understanding of what 'Moving and Handling' means. 
1974 Health and Safety at Work Act 
1992 Manual Handling Operations Regulation 
1998 PUWER and LOLER 
1999 MHSAW 
2014 Care Act 
Understanding your company policy for moving and handling. 
Accidents and injuries within the workplace. 
Risk assessments + identifying and preventing incidents. 
Management responsibilities. 
Practical workshops involving the use of equipment available on-site. 
Useful advice on how to structure and run your own training sessions 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Moving and handling is a term used in health and social care for any work activities that involve coming into physical contact or moving a person in care. This could involve anything from personal care to hoisting 
A train the trainer course is designed to teach another person to carry out training for other people. In health and social care many organisations are taking their training 'in-house' as there are many benefits of doing so, the main one being cost. 
Call 01206 638711 
This course is available onsite at your location at the following prices: 
£699 per person 
£3495 for up to 6 people 
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