This course was designed for a chain of children's homes in Northamptonshire mid-pandemic when self-harm incidents were rising steeply with lockdown restrictions. The course was delivered in accordance with coronavirus restrictions in place at the time. 
The client wanted a course that would give staff the knowledge, skills and confidence to recognise and deal with a self harm incident and they also wanted a section on how to deal with someone who is suicidal. 
To make a booking for first aid training please complete the form and one of our team will get straight back to you to arrange a date. 
Although this course is ready to go as a stand-alone course it can also be adapted to your needs.  
This comprehensive 6-hour course is designed to equip health and social care staff, particularly support workers, with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively respond to individuals dealing with self-harm and suicide risk. By the end of this course, participants will have a deep understanding of various aspects related to mental health, self-harm, and suicide prevention, enabling them to provide better support and care to those in need. 

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First Aid for Self-Harm and Suicide includes the following topics 
Module 1: Introduction to Mental Health and Self-Harm 
Understanding the importance of mental health in healthcare settings 
Definition and common misconceptions about self-harm 
Prevalence and demographics of self-harm 
Stigma surrounding self-harm and suicide 
Module 2: Mental Health First Aid for Self-Harm 
Recognizing signs and symptoms of self-harm 
Approaches to providing immediate assistance and emotional support 
Establishing trust and open communication with individuals at risk 
Module 3: Risk Assessment for Self-Harm and Suicide 
Comprehensive risk assessment tools and strategies 
Identifying warning signs and risk factors 
Differentiating between self-harm and suicidal behavior 
Module 4: Healthier Ways of Releasing Emotions 
Exploring healthier coping mechanisms 
Encouraging individuals to express their emotions safely 
Practical exercises and activities for emotional release 
Module 5: Supporting Staff Managing Incidents 
Guidelines for staff dealing with self-harm and suicide incidents 
Self-care and debriefing strategies for staff members 
Collaborative teamwork in crisis management 
Module 6: Resources and Further Reading 
Recommended books and resources on self-harm and suicide 
Accessing community and online support networks 
Module 7: Preventative Measures 
Strategies for preventing self-harm and suicide 
Identifying protective factors and building resilience 
Developing individualized safety plans 
Module 8: Staff Responses to Self-Harm and Suicide 
Effective communication with individuals at risk 
Understanding emotional reactions and countertransference 
Implementing crisis intervention techniques 
Module 9: Language and Communication 
Using respectful and non-stigmatizing language 
Effective communication strategies 
Dos and don'ts when discussing self-harm and suicide 
Module 10: Supporting the Individual 
Providing ongoing support for individuals at risk 
Referral processes and collaborating with mental health professionals 
Long-term care and recovery planning 
Module 11: Understanding Neurotypical and Neurodivergent Differences 
Recognizing how mental health issues manifest differently in neurotypical and neurodivergent individuals 
Tailoring support approaches to individual needs 
Module 12: Medication and Its Implications 
Types of medication commonly prescribed for mental health conditions 
Side effects, benefits, and considerations 
The role of medication in treatment plans 
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Frequently Asked Questions 

On-site self harm training is where we come to your location to deliver training for a group of your staff, typically numbers up to 15 
All of the above options are availabe for your self harm training. 
Successful completion of this course will gain learners a certificate from Meducate Training Ltd. 
Call 01206 638711 
This course is priced at £499 for up to 15 people 
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