This course is designed to build on exisiting knowledge regarding supporting those diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Condition. 
It is therefore advisable that staff attending the training have already completed basic autism awareness training, to get the most out of this advanced autism course. 
Designed for dedicated health and social care professionals, this 1 day course delves deep into the complexities of Autism Spectrum Condition. Discover cutting-edge research, explore diverse types of autism, and master best practices in caring and support. Tackle challenging situations with confidence and empathy, guided by expert trainers. 
To make a booking for this autism training please complete the form and one of our team will get straight back to you to arrange a date. 
Although this course is ready to go as a stand-alone course it can also be adapted to your needs.  
This comprehensive 6-hour course is designed to equip health and social care staff, particularly support workers, with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively support individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Condition.  

Book your on-site training here - fill in the contact form and we will email you back!  If you would prefer to speak to someone call 01206 638711 

Advanced Autism Care and Support in Health and Social Care 
Course Objectives: 
Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Advanced Concepts 
Comprehensive overview of autism 
Discussion on the spectrum nature of the condition 
Exploring the latest research and insights 
Types of Autism and New Diagnostic Criteria 
Detailed review of different autism types 
Updates on the latest diagnostic criteria for autism 
Case studies and diagnostic challenges 
Dealing with Challenging Situations 
Strategies for managing challenging behaviors in autistic clients 
Role-playing sessions to simulate real-life scenarios 
Stress management and self-care for caregivers 
New Changes and Research in Autism Care 
Exploration of the latest research findings 
Impact of these findings on current practices 
Guest lectures from leading autism researchers 
Best Practices in Caring and Supporting 
Introduction to new methods and techniques 
Integrating best practices into everyday care 
Interactive workshops for skills development 
Advanced Understanding of the Condition 
In-depth discussion on the complexities of autism 
Neurological and psychological aspects of autism 
Case studies to enhance understanding 
Legal and Ethical Considerations in Autism Care 
Understanding legal frameworks and ethical dilemmas 
Rights of autistic individuals 
Workshops on ethical decision-making 
To book call 01206 638711 or email office@meducatetraining.co.uk 

Frequently Asked Questions 

On-site autism training is where we come to your location to deliver training for a group of your staff, typically numbers up to 15 
All of the above options are availabe for your autism training. 
Successful completion of this course will gain learners a certificate from Meducate Training Ltd. 
Call 01206 638711 
This course is priced at £499 for up to 15 people 
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