This course was designed for a chain of children's homes in Northamptonshire mid-pandemic when self-harm incidents were rising steeply with lockdown restrictions. The course was delivered in accordance with coronavirus restrictions in place at the time. 
The client wanted a course that would give staff the knowledge, skills and confidence to recognise, manage and support children who self-harm. 
This course also contains a special section on ligature response. 
To make a booking for self harm training please complete the form and one of our team will get straight back to you to arrange a date. 
Although this course is ready to go as a stand-alone course it can also be adapted to your needs.  
This comprehensive 6-hour course is designed to equip health and social care staff, particularly support workers, with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively respond to individuals dealing with self-harm and suicide risk. By the end of this course, participants will have a deep understanding of various aspects related to mental health, self-harm, and suicide prevention, enabling them to provide better support and care to those in need. 

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Managing Self-Harm Behaviors in Children's Residential Care 
I. Introduction 
A. Welcome and icebreaker activity  
B. Overview of the training course and learning objectives  
C. Importance of managing self-harm behaviors in children's residential care  
II. Understanding Self-Harm Behaviors 
A. Definition of self-harm 
B. Common self-harm behaviors: scratching, cutting, head banging, overdoses, ligatures 
C. Causes and triggers (brief reference to trauma) 
D. Group discussion: sharing experiences and challenges  
III. Recognizing Self-Harm Behaviors  
A. Identifying signs and symptoms 
B. Differentiating between alleged and actual self-harm 
C. Case studies and role-play exercises  
IV. Managing Self-Harm: Staying Calm and Responding Effectively  
A. Importance of remaining calm 
B. First aid principles for self-harm injuries 
C. De-escalation techniques 
D. Role-play scenarios: practicing effective responses  
V. Calling for Help  
A. When to call for professional assistance 
B. Contacting emergency services 
C. Communication protocols and documenting incidents 
VI. Ligature Incidents: Special Focus  
A. Understanding ligatures and their risks 
B. How to safely remove a ligature 
C. Using ligature cutters safely and effectively 
D. Hands-on practice with ligature cutters  
VII. Being Present for the Child  
A. The importance of emotional support 
B. Active listening and reassurance techniques 
C. Case studies and group discussions on providing comfort  
VIII. Helping Children Known to Self-Harm (20 minutes) 
A. Different self-harm behaviors and individualized approaches 
B. Strategies for prevention and intervention 
C. Developing a care plan for children with self-harm tendencies 
IX. Q&A Session  
A. Addressing participants' questions and concerns 
X. Summary and Closing Remarks (10 minutes) 
A. Key takeaways from the training 
B. Acknowledging the importance of the role of health and social care support workers 
C. Encouraging continuous learning and professional development 
Note: This training course provides comprehensive coverage of self-harm behaviors and their management, with a special focus on ligature incidents. Participants will learn to recognize, respond, and support children and young people effectively, with an emphasis on staying calm and ensuring their safety. 
To book call 01206 638711 or email office@meducatetraining.co.uk 

Frequently Asked Questions 

On-site self harm training is where we come to your location to deliver training for a group of your staff, typically numbers up to 15 
All of the above options are availabe for your self harm training. 
Successful completion of this course will gain learners a certificate from Meducate Training Ltd. 
Call 01206 638711 
This course is priced at £499 for up to 15 people 
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