Emergency First Aid (Level 3 RQF) Colchester Essex 


 Until further notice this course will be conducted in a COVID-19 SECURE environment in order to reduce the spread of coronavirus.  Are you SEARCHING for REGULATED emergency first aid training? You have come to exactly the RIGHT PLACE!  ALL OUR COURSES ARE ALSO AVAILABLE ONSITE AT YOUR LOCATION! 

“IMAGINE how you would feel if a LOVED ONE or a CO-WORKER experienced a first aid EMERGENCY right in front of you and you were POWERLESS to help them because you didn’t KNOW what do” 
How would that make you FEEL? 
What would be the CONSEQUENCES? 
“Now IMAGINE how you would feel if the same first aid EMERGENCY happened and you knew EXACTLY WHAT to do and HOW to do it and WHEN to do it?” 
How would that make you FEEL? 
What would be the CONSEQUENCES? 
This is the POWER of emergency first aid training 
Completing an OFFICIALLY regulated emergency first aid training course for your HOME or WORKPLACE will give you EVERYTHING you need to know about giving emergency first aid in Colchester Essex 
You may have been on an emergency first aid course before, if so what did you LOVE about it? 
Was it GREAT VALUE for money and interesting and have the right balance between theory and practice so you left FEELING CONFIDENT in giving emergency first aid.? 
If you are CONSIDERING emergency first aid training for the FIRST TIME you will be in for a TREAT when taking an emergency first aid course in Colchester Essex as you will have the OPPORTUNITY to learn how to give emergency first aid and you will also REALISE that there is no great mystery about giving emergency first aid in Colchester Essex 
I am on my own can I still get emergency first aid training in Colchester Essex 
Yes you can! we have a training centre in Colchester, Essex which caters for INDIVIDUALS and small groups requiring emergency first aid training. 
What if I have a LARGER GROUP and want training at my location. 
We can do that too! We have a team of WONDERFUL trainers around the country and in Colchester Essex that can visit you at your location and conduct all the training there. 
How much is it all going to cost? 
Emergency first aid training offers real value for money given the potentially LIFE-SAVING skills you will learn in Colchester Essex 
Why should I CHOOSE your company for my emergency first aid training? 
We provide REGULATED emergency first aid training, just like many other providers. The DIFFERENCE in choosing us is that we have a genuine PASSION for TEACHING emergency first aid and we DEFINITELY want YOU to have the BEST training EXPERIENCE possible and be able to LEARN EVERYTHING you need to know about giving emergency first aid. You could spend time and effort looking at other providers or you could BOOK a course with us RIGHT NOW. 

Emergency First Aid Book Here... 

Looking for non-regulated first aid training? 

Looking for CHEAPER 'no frills' first aid training that still gets you a first aid certificate then click here for more detalis 
Roles and Responsibilities of a First Aider 
Accident and Incident Reporting 
First Aid Equipment (including AED) 
Infection Control 
Site Survey 
Primary Survey 
Calling for Help 
Unconscious Casualty (including Seizures) 
Serious Bleeding 
Shock Management 
Minor Injuries 
To book call 01206 638711 or email office@meducatetraining.co.uk 
This course is a regulated RQF qualification. 
Call 01206 638711 
The COVID-19 SECURE price for this course is £75 per person in class 
This course is not currently onsite at your location for group sizes up to 12 priced at £450 
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