Why use the Feet Up Toilet Stool? 

The bathroom is where many heart attacks happen at home. One of the causes is excessive straining while urinating, which can cause a sharp rise in blood pressure and heart rate in people who already have weak arteries or other risk factors (such high cholesterol) that make them more susceptible to cardiac catastrophes. 
The act of defecating, or having a bowel movement, is typically performed at a 90-degree angle, which leads us to tense our sphincter muscles and makes it more difficult to evacuate stool. 
The fact that squatting relieves pressure on your sphincter makes it a more effective method of defecation, according to people in different regions of the world. 
Would you prefer to have a more comfortable strain-free poo? And possibly reduce the risk of an adverse cardiac event? Then try this next time you poo! 
Sit with your legs at a 35 degree angle.! 
Why? because it mimics squatting! 
It’s really that simple! 
To make it even easier for you, why not try the feet-up toilet stool ? 
This stool will allow you to sit with your legs at a 35 degree angle while maintaining good posture. This is especially great if you have back problems and are finding it difficult to strain. 
Only £29.99 with free shipping. 
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Feet-Up Toilet Stool 

The Feet-Up Toilet Stool will take your next trip to the restroom to a whole new level. 
This ground-breaking invention reduces straining during bowel movements by elevating you onto a stool that allows you to sit at a 35-degree angle rather than a 90-degree position. 
You can say good-bye to uncomfortable bathroom visits and hello to a healthier, more relaxed bathroom routine with the help of the Feet-Up Toilet Stool. 
It's time to give the Feet-Up Toilet Stool a try so that you can have a simple time on your upcoming toilet visit! 
Only £29.99 with free shipping! 
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