Introduction to Paediatric First Aid (Live Online Webinar 2-3 hours) 

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Don't let coronavirus stop your staff training and individual development. 
Learn the basics of how to give paediatric first aid to an infant or child suffering a first aid emergency during the coronavirus pandemic. Once you have become a paediatric first aid learner during the coronavirus lockdown you will have received the skills and knowledge in paediatric first aid to be able to administer paediatric first aid in an emergency. 
We use a very simple application called Zoom which can easily be downloaded to an internet-enabled device such as a smartphone or laptop. 
Live online webinar training means that once you are logged in you will see the lecturer and be able to ask them questions about the course content and they in turn can deliver presentations, show you videos and practical demonstrations. 
Call us today on 01206 638711 or email 
This training is CHEAPER than traditional classroom training due to lower overheads 
You DON'T NEED a WEBCAM to participate 
You DON'T NEED any TECHINCAL IT skills to take part, EASY TO USE. 
DIFFERENT course TIMES are available for your CONVENIENCE 
You CAN INTERACT with an INSTRUCTOR LIVE during the webinar 
Book today and we will send you all the necessary information to get started on your paediatric first aid learning adventure. 
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Upcoming webinar (open access)  3rd September 10am to 1pm Book Now  

Roles and Responsibilities of a First Aider 
Infection Control 
Site Survey 
Primary Survey 
Calling for Help 
Unconscious Casualty (including Seizures) 
Serious Bleeding 
To book call 01206 638711 or email 
All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance emailed to them at the end of course. 
Call 01206 638711 
The price for this course is £55 per person 
Contact us on 01206 638711 for group discounts for 2 or more delegates 
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