Choosing the right first aid course can be tricky as you want to make sure your choice is suitable for your needs including the amount of time you might need to take off work. 
How Long Does It Take to Train for a First Aid Course? 
No matter your type of business, accidents, and injuries can occur. According to Health and Safety Regulations, as an employer, you should make appropriate first-aid arrangements for your workplace. This means that you assess for risks and ensure first aid supplies are available. If you are in a high-risk environment, procedures will be more in-depth. 
Having employees on staff who complete first-aid training will ensure that you are providing a safe work environment. You can train your whole staff or have designated first-aiders that go through training. With that being said, you probably have some questions on how to go about first aid training, and how long the course will take. Your time and the time of your employees are valuable, so let us look at how long it takes to complete emergency first aid training. 
Emergency First-Aid Training Course 
For general emergency first-aid training, the course can typically be completed within a day. This is ideal because if you spread it into a few days, it can interfere with work. These courses are completed at a centre and require hands-on learning so they cannot be completed online. A single-day course can run around 7 hours long and will cover the basics. This includes: 
● CPR 
● AED 
● Choking 
● Bleeding 
● Minor Injuries 
First-Aid at Work Training 
The First Aid at Work Course from Meducate Training is a 3-day course. This option is very popular with employers because there is a hybrid model available. That means employees can complete part of the course online and will not have to go to the centre. One day will be e-learning, and 2 days will be in person. Each day will be around 6 or 7 hours long. This course is ideal for those working in high-risk environments, as it will dive deeper into topics such as: 
● Serious Bleeding 
● Shock Management 
● Fractures, Breaks, and Sprains 
● Head Injuries 
● Diseases and Illnesses 
Since this course takes 3 days, it is best if you are planning to have a designated trained first aider in the workplace. 
Paediatric First-Aid Training 
Paediatric First-Aid Training is essential for those working with children. This course lasts two days and requires in-person learning. There is also a childcare first aid training course that involves online learning, as well. Each day will be around 6 or 7 hours. The Meducate Paediatric First Aid Training qualification is accepted by OFSTED for nurseries and schools in the UK. 
Employees will cover what is learned in the other first-aid training, but with a focus on childhood illness and disease and other paediatric injuries. 
The bottom line is that employee first-aid training is worth the time it takes. The basics can be learned in a day, with a more in-depth course taking 2-3 days with online learning options. Contact Meducate training today to get your employees signed up for first-aid courses 
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